To be seen and not heard. That is what it is like for kittens and cats all over the Capital Region. Each Day hundreds of kittens and cats are euthanized for no reason except to make room for the next round of cats that are also running out of time. In New York State when a kitten or cat is picked up by animal control, that animal is given only five days to be claimed or adopted. If not, they are EUTHANIZED IMMEDIATELY.

It doesn’t even matter if they are purebred or pregnant, healthy or sick, old or newborn, their fate is the same. They all become VICTIM TO THE NEEDLE OF EUTHANIZATION, a needle that does not discriminate. These innocent victims have no voice to ask for life. Purrs and Paws is that voice. We are a NO KILL shelter that rescues these stray, lost and abandoned animals from being put to death. Purrs and Paws nurses them back to good health so that they can be adopted in the future… OUR mission is this simple, Purrs and Paws is the voice that makes a difference in the lives of animals by going OUT in the community and saving them from death.

Purrs & Paws

Dear Family & Friends,

Meet Cruiser. He came to Purrs & Paws as a beautiful kitten that was born with heart defects. He has 4 different things wrong with his heart that makes him turn blue and go into seizures. We have to give him special heart medicine twice a day for the rest of his life. The vet cardiologist gave him only a year to live. He gently suggested that an overstretched group like Purrs & Paws should not take on a problem like this. The humane thing would be to let him go. He was not meant to be. But, Cruiser was already here and in our hands and hearts EE a tiny black and white tuxedo kitten with alert, shining eyes and lovely, white whiskers and little white boxing paws. He was full of life! We believe cats with any kind of disability deserve a good life.

Cruiser is now 4 years old. He is fearless and fast; a loving boy who has adopted all of the kittens as his own; always purring and talking to us in his own special way; and defying all of the odds that he was given in life. He is our very special kitty that will always live with us at Purrs & Paws.

Here in New York State stray, lost and abandoned kittens and cats are scheduled to be EUTHANIZED if they are unclaimed after only Rive days. Purrs & Paws is a rescue shelter that saves and houses these animals, caring for them until they are adopted by a loving home. All are spayed and neutered, given shots and worming medicine. Sick kittens and cats are nursed back to health. We never “Put Down” anyone in order to make room for others. These animals stay with us until they are adopted or they remain as our shelter cats forever. To date over 5500 cats and kittens have been saved and over 5000 have been adopted to wonderful homes.

Purrs & Paws needs your Financial support because we are probably one of the biggest "No Kill" Cat Shelters in the U.S. Local, state and federal governments do not allocate any monies to our shelter. We must rely on the heart felt generosity of individuals like you to keep our mission alive. Please help us care for a kitten or cat in need. If you have a well loved pet, think of all the homeless cats who long to have the same good fortune.

Please give to our furry friends who give so much back to us.

With Grateful Appreciation,

Jeanne Polunci, Executive Director

The Purrs and Paws adoption clinic is finally open! Our adoption center is home to over 400 kittens and cats in desperate need of a loving home that acknowledges their need to be indoor pets.


It takes over 300 cans of cat food and 200 pounds of liter to adequately take care of our population each day. You can help reduce our overhead cost by donating items. Gift Certificates and cards to local pet stores are also welcomed! Thank you for your support and helping create a warm home for our kittens and cats.

For more information on donating, please call 518.798.0718
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