To be seen and not heard. That is what it is like for kittens and cats all over the Capital Region. Each Day hundreds of kittens and cats are euthanized for no reason except to make room for the next round of cats that are also running out of time. In New York State when a kitten or cat is picked up by animal control, that animal is given only five days to be claimed or adopted. If not, they are EUTHANIZED IMMEDIATELY.

It doesn’t even matter if they are purebred or pregnant, healthy or sick, old or newborn, their fate is the same. They all become VICTIM TO THE NEEDLE OF EUTHANIZATION, a needle that does not discriminate. These innocent victims have no voice to ask for life. Purrs and Paws is that voice. We are a NO KILL shelter that rescues these stray, lost and abandoned animals from being put to death. Purrs and Paws nurses them back to good health so that they can be adopted in the future… OUR mission is this simple, Purrs and Paws is the voice that makes a difference in the lives of animals by going OUT in the community and saving them from death.


Dear Family & Friends,

Here at "Purrs & Paws" I have a great deal to be thankful for. We found a beautiful shelter for all of our cats to live out their lives in a loving and comfortable atmosphere. Those who are older or with special needs find a home and a haven here for the rest of their lives. Every cat we have becomes a favorite. The way they look at you, their purring or nuzzling, and even their occasional swats. All of our cats are amazing in their own way. If you would like to visit us then please call us at 518-307-3251 to set up an appointment. All of our kitties would love to see you.

Thank you,
Jeanne Polunci, Executive Director

Adopt a Kennel Program

Do you love cats but are in a situation where adoption is not possible? Do you want the Purr-fect gift for someone in your life who loves animals? Give the gift of life and take part in our "Adopt a Kennel" program. For less than a dollar a day you can "adopt your own "Kennel Kat" and make a difference with Purrs and Paws. We will even send you a picture of your cat to present as a gift or keep for yourself.

The Adopt a Kennel Program is perfect idea for a classroom pet or project. Adopting a cat or kitten teaches children about the many responsibilities and costs involved in pet ownership as well as providing the children with a class mascot.

Memorial and Honorarium Program

Purrs and Paws also accepts donations in memorial or honorarium to a beloved pet. All memorials and honorariums will be listed in future newsletters for our community.

For $25.00 a month, you can support one of our cats and provide them with food, litter, toys and care.

Please send donations to: Purrs & Paws Cat Shelter, PO Box 4197, Queensbury, NY 12804

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